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Ridiculous and Thrown Out Creationist Claims

If you are an atheist, or even just someone who understands and accepts biological evolution as true, then you have most likely been approached by someone who not only disagrees but has arguments against evolution that they claim are unanswered and devastating. I personally have been receiving them since I was in high school and ever since, I have heard the same arguments being used. It’s easy to find the source to most of these common arguments since there are only a handful of creationists that claim to be “creation scientists” and there are only a few creation science websites that are used as a creation science resource.

These are some of the most common websites used by creationists
§         Answers in Genesis: Extensively used creation science resource
o      Ken Ham
§         Creation Science Evangelism Creation seminar online
o       Kent Hovind
§         Creation Evidences Museum Photos of the controversial evidence at the Paluxy River (Texas)
o      Carl Edward Baugh
§         Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries Creation series of videos
o       Russ Miller
§         Living Waters Publications  Web site includes the supernatural origin of the Bible
o       Ram Comfort and Kurt Cameron

Not all creationist arguments are linked to the sources above and not all are arguments that have been used for years, but there are a lot that are being used today that have persisted through time and are from the exact same people. Then there are those that are new on the scene that are found on YouTube from a range of creationists, "professional" and not. 

Below I am going to list a few ridiculous claims made by creationists of all levels and then list some arguments that are common today but have actually been listed as "do not use" or "avoid" by Answers in Genesis. 

There are so many ridiculous "fossils came from the devil" and "chickens have teeth genes because they used teeth in the Garden of Eden." Since there are so many, I am going to list only a few that are said by "professional" creationists that you can find on Youtube.

Ridiculous professional and non-professional creationist claims:

1.) Moon craters prove Noah’s Flood: 
NephilimFree – Youtube creationist, Conservapedia source

A creationist on Youtube claimed that the craters on the moon are not from impacts over billions of years but are from ice ejected from the Earth during Noah’s Flood. Again, there is a secret ocean that escaped through the mid-ocean ridges and as the cracks opened the crust of the earth fell in, ejecting the water at super sonic speeds skyward. This super sonic water then shot at the moon and the ice pelted the moon with craters. He also says that there is microorganisms and plankton in the ice on the Moon. 


2.) God loves Horses and Whales
Dr. Hugh Ross 

Here is a video of Dr. Hugh Ross stating that the horse and whale fossils that show evolution are actually real but that they are evidence of special creation. He claims that mutations have such a low chance of being beneficial (10,000/1) that you must have a small body size and small generation time to actually adapt. This is why we find change in labs because the organisms are so small. He claims that horses and whales have a small population size, a large body size, and long generation time, and all of this adds up to a 0% chance of survival. The reason he gives for why we find so many horse and whale fossils is that they are not because they are transitional but because "God loves horses and whales. He knows because of their huge size and small pop they will go extinct rapidly. When they do he makes new ones." He is actually accepting the existence to the horse and whale transitional fossils! But God just kept recreating them because he loved them. 

3.) The Ricocheting Comet Immune to Physics
Kent Hovind – Creation Science Evangelical

This is another explanation for where the water from Noah’s flood came from which combines with the previous secret ocean claim. This claim has so many aspects to it but since it all links to the comet, it is the leading role. Once upon a time there was a comet that followed no normal laws of physics. It bounced around our solar system where it broke apart around the other planets and created all of the planets’ rings and craters and then eventually somehow escaped their gravity. Once it arrived at earth, our magnetic field caused it to break apart and redistribute a lot of ice to the poles causing the earth to gain a tilt and crack the crust, releasing the secret ocean. It also flash froze the mammoths (and all other preserved in ice), made the vapor canopy in the sky fall, and created the mountains.

Everything Kent Hovind claims that was caused by one physics-ignoring comet:
§         All the planets rings
§         All the planets’ and moons’ craters
§         The cracks on the ocean floor
§         Mountains
§         Grand Canyon
§         Collapse of a vapor canopy
§         All animals preserved in ice
§         Earth’s tilt
§         Seasons
§         Earth’s craters
§         Ice Ages

If you have the patience, the original video is very long but if you can make it through you will learn about many of the common arguments for Noah's flood.  This video also has many claims that will make most people laugh. If a creationist takes one of his claims against evolution then you must take everything else along with it! Including a few gems...

§         0:18:00 -  Plants are not alive because they do not have blood or breathe through nostrils
§         0:20:30 -  Insects are not alive because they absorbs oxygen through their “skin” and not through their nostrils
§         0:33:50 - The tectonic ridges are because the flood waters burst through them and not evidence for plate tectonics
§         0:57:50 -  There is not a drop of water found on Mars

4.) Dinosaurs are dragons - Small nostrils create flames
Dr. Richard Kent

This is the claim that before the flood there was really high oxygen levels but after the flood it dropped to today's levels, and this caused breathing problems for dinosaurs because they had small nostrils but large body sizes (because there arent small dinosaurs or anything). The low levels caused the dinosaurs to breathe in and out so quickly through their small nostrils that they caught fire and became the fire breathing dragons from the bible.

Now here is an example of a non-professional who decided to make a Youtube video about his own made up claims against evolution. These often make you question if they are just a troll or not. 

1.) The order of the fossil record is because similar animals huddle together when they get cold.

Enough said. 

Next are creationist claims that are still commonly used today that have been listed on Answers in Genesis as arguments you should no longer use as evidence against evolution. If you receive one of these, try telling them that the claim they are making is no longer accepted as a valid argument by current "professional" creationist Ken Ham, the creator of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum.

Arguments listed as "do not use"

  • There are no beneficial mutations.
    • Now supposed to recognize that mutations are either neutral, positive, or negative depending on the environment
  • Woolly mammoths were flash frozen during the Flood catastrophe.
  • If we evolved from apes, apes shouldn’t exist today.
    • Creationists are supposed to acknowledge this: “In an evolutionary worldview, mankind did not evolve from apes but from an apelike ancestor, from which both humans and apes of today supposedly evolved.”
  • No new species have been produced.
    • Creationist supposed to accept new species being created. Must use the word “kind” ( that is purely defined by creationists based on no scientific characteristics and claim evolution cant change different “kinds” into each other. This means they accept beneficial mutations that change color, form, and everything else to adapt organisms to an environment. A fox and a dog must be linked to one “kind” on the ark. This IS evolution.
  • If we evolved from apes, apes shouldn’t exist today.
    • Must acknowledge:  “In an evolutionary worldview, mankind did not evolve from apes but from an apelike ancestor, from which both humans and apes of today supposedly evolved.”
  • Evolution is just a theory
    • ““Theory” has a stronger meaning in scientific fields than in general usage; it is better to say that evolution is just a hypothesis or one model to explain the untestable past.”
  • There was a water vapor canopy surrounding earth before the Flood
    • Now supposed to follow that Noah’s flood waters came from within the depths of the Earth instead of Kent Hovind’s claim of the water being in a vapor canopy.
  • Paluxy tracks prove that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. 
    • Current acclaimed man tracks are disproven and must take the view that there are mysterious things about the tracks that COULD show something, leaving the option open though there is no evidence for man tracks left. “Even though it would now be improper for creationists to continue to use the Paluxy data as evidence against evolution, in the light of these questions, there is still much that is not known about the tracks and continued research is in order. 

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